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Disposable Inflation Device





Product name : Disposable Inflation Device AGI-35

Simple design

Maximum allowable pressure : 35 atm

One touch release lever

Maximum liquid volume : 20 ml

To inflate/deflate balloon catheters as well as to monitor pressure within the balloon

▶︎AGI-35 draft IFU (PDF)

▶︎AGI-35 English&Japanese brochure

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High Pressure Tube

High Pressure Tube

Length of line:6 inch~96 inch

Fitting:Luer Male, Rotating/Female

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  ID OD Pressue(psi) Flexibility Clearance Material
Hard  type .098゛ .197゛ 1000 LOW High PVC
Soft  type .098゛ .197゛ 600 Medium High PVC

Puncture Needle

Puncture Needle

Accessory for PCI

Product name : Puncture Needle

Description : Long tip 18G/7cm

Features :

  1. Long and sharp tip that has low resistance increases accessibility and reduce tissue trauma.
  2. Short tip has better controllability.
  3. Tapered hub inner diameter facillitates insertion of the guide wire.
  4. Needles of customaized sizes are also available.

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AirTight Syringe

AGI Control Syringe

AirTight™ Control Syringe

Product name : AirTight™ Control Syringe

Product Code : SM-CS-10FRR-TB

Description : 10ml AirTight Control Syringe

Injection Innovation

Easy Connection & Disconnection | Enhanced Connection Integrity
Improved Patient Safety

▶︎AirTight™ Control Syringe (PDF)

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